Why be a Monkey Patron?

It's a great way to support me for creating content that you like! Consider becoming a Monkey Patron to support the work. It's $5 a month. No more. No less. All goes towards art supplies, filling up the Rebel and basically helping out. With the support of you guys I can do these things without feeling too much the financial strain.

We will make it fun of course! 

1 - Patrons will be entered into a monthly raffle to win original art!

2 - You will have access to my drop box which will have full scale art images you can download and print! 

3 - Access to old vids no longer live!

4 - If you want to talk about something on my Podcast just save a note in the Dropbox. Would love to talk about anything with a loving Patron!

More things will be added along the journey.